Welcome to our web site , We are a independent record company with our base in southern sweden.

Here you can listen to the music we release and also find links on where you can buy and download our music.

MNM RECORDS are constantly looking for new talent to work with, please send a biography of yourself with a song and we check if you fit our profile.

Send your demo to : labelmanager@mnmrecords.se , Important : we only accept mp3 format - all other formats will be deleted to keep our e-mail box in good condition.

Brief history of the record label.

The company has been around for a few years but it is only recently that we have produced
and created all the music and releasing it through our company, previously we released all our music from other record labels.

MNM RECORDS owned by Pierre Ahlm who is also a songwriter and producer.

Fredrik Granelli working as label manager and writes most of the lyrics to the songs that we give out.

we are working close up with Ditto music who is our channel out to different digital music stores , such as Itunes , Juno Download ,  Spotify just to mention some.

Our goal is to spread our music while helping the artists we work with to get the music out worldwide.

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